Tandem Base Goes Worldwide for the world’s first Tandem Building Jump

On Saturday Sept 21st, in Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia, Tandem Base Master Sean Chuma took passenger Rudy Anoi, Sibu Executive of the Sarawak Tourism Board, on the World’s first Tandem Base Jump off of a building.  The two leaped off of the Sanyan Building above Sibu’s town square.  The building stands almost 400 ft tall.  Instructor [...]

Tandem Base to appear on NBC’s “Caught on Camera”

We are excited to announce that Tandem Base will appear on NBC’s “Caught On Camera,” along with 102 year old jumper Dorothy Custer.  Sean Chuma and Dorothy Custer were interviewed by the show on Sept. 10.  After the interviews, the crew filmed a solo Base jump made by Chuma, where he showed off his specialized [...]

Tandem Base on the Travel Channel

If you missed Tandem Base on the Travel Channel’s “Ride-iculous” you can now see it on itunes .  The show features a segment where the cast of three girls come to twin falls to try out Base jumping with the Worlds first Commercial Tandem Base Company.  They each jumped once, find out what happens.  

Tandem Base stepping in at Bridge Day in West Virginia

We are saddened by the death of Mario Richard, who we trained to work with us for the first year that commercial Tandem Base jumps were available at Bridge Day.  We are told that he was involved in a wingsuiting accident in Italy.  Due to this we will be stepping in to perform the Tandem [...]

Base Jumping is Great for Extreme Sports Junkies

Are you an extreme sports junkie looking for the next challenge? Base jumping with Tandem Base allows you to free-fall off the Perrine Bridge attached to an experienced base jumping instructor.

There's nothing like the extreme rush of free-falling. So come on, take the next step in your extreme sports junkie experience!

The Next Step for Skydivers? Base Jumping!

Are you an experienced skydiver looking for a new challenge? Base jumping is similar to skydiving in that you free-fall with a parachute. But with us you'll jump in tandem off the Perrine Bridge in Idaho. It's a similar experience to skydiving, but the views will be different and you' won't be jumping out of a plane. Come try base jumping with us whether you are an experienced skydiver or a novice skydiving.

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