Tandem Base Takes Dorothy Custer On Hot Air Balloon Ride

We gave her the experience of a Tandem Base jump last year on her 102nd birthday, then we took her to ride on an elephant…. What else did she want to do?  Well, she wanted to ride in a hot air balloon, so we made it happen.  Click here for the news story.

Local Teachers Voted To Base Jump

Canyon Ridge and Twin Falls High Schools had the opportunity to send a teacher from each school on a Tandem Base Jump.  See the story here.

Tandem Base and Dorothy Custer on MSNBC

See Dorothy Custer’s Tandem Base Jump on MSNBC’s “Caught on Camera.”  The initial air date was Sunday May 4.  The Show features the very special story of 102- year-old, Custer as the oldest person to Base Jump.  Always do what you want to do, Dorothy doesn’t think of her age.  Live life to the fullest.  [...]

Tandem Base Goes Worldwide for the world’s first Tandem Building Jump

On Saturday Sept 21st, in Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia, Tandem Base Master Sean Chuma took passenger Rudy Anoi, Sibu Executive of the Sarawak Tourism Board, on the World’s first Tandem Base Jump off of a building.  The two leaped off of the Sanyan Building above Sibu’s town square.  The building stands almost 400 ft tall.  Instructor [...]

Base Jumping is Great for Extreme Sports Junkies

Are you an extreme sports junkie looking for the next challenge? Base jumping with Tandem Base allows you to free-fall off the Perrine Bridge attached to an experienced base jumping instructor.

There's nothing like the extreme rush of free-falling. So come on, take the next step in your extreme sports junkie experience!

The Next Step for Skydivers? Base Jumping!

Are you an experienced skydiver looking for a new challenge? Base jumping is similar to skydiving in that you free-fall with a parachute. But with us you'll jump in tandem off the Perrine Bridge in Idaho. It's a similar experience to skydiving, but the views will be different and you' won't be jumping out of a plane. Come try base jumping with us whether you are an experienced skydiver or a novice skydiving.

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