A First For Cerebral Palsy

What a year it has been for Tandem Base.  We did jumps in Idaho, Greece, Malaysia, Bridge day in West Virginia, and a couple others.  One that really sticks out is Tandem BASE Master Sean Chuma’s Jump with Marlena May Katene, an amazing journalist with Cerebral Palsy.  Marlena has a huge heart and a drive […]

Vince Hempsall from Kootenay Mountain Culture Magazine

We love meeting the people that we get to enjoy this sport with.  All of our clients seem to be so fun.  Some of them really stand out.  Hear what Vince Hempsall and Marley have to say in the article that was published in Kootenay Mountain Culture Magazine.  This link shows their experience with videos, […]

Master Instructor: Sean Chuma Live on CNN

See Tandem Base Instructor Sean Chuma’s Live interview on CNN.  In the interview he speaks about Base Jumping and the movie “Sunshine Superman.”  

Miami Shoot Magazine

We are excited to show you what Miami Shoot Magazine thinks about BASE Jumping.  Set your inhibitions aside and do the things you have always wanted to do.  Don’t let life pass you by.  Live now and do what you want.  You’ll have better stories and less regret later in life. Click here for the […]

Base Jumping is Great for Extreme Sports Junkies

Are you an extreme sports junkie looking for the next challenge? Base jumping with Tandem Base allows you to free-fall off the Perrine Bridge attached to an experienced base jumping instructor.

There's nothing like the extreme rush of free-falling. So come on, take the next step in your extreme sports junkie experience!

The Next Step for Skydivers? Base Jumping!

Are you an experienced skydiver looking for a new challenge? Base jumping is similar to skydiving in that you free-fall with a parachute. But with us you'll jump in tandem off the Perrine Bridge in Idaho. It's a similar experience to skydiving, but the views will be different and you' won't be jumping out of a plane. Come try base jumping with us whether you are an experienced skydiver or a novice skydiving.

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