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Tandem BASE is proud to announce the selection of Atair Canopies as it’s parachute manufacturer for it’s proprietary TandemBASE canopy, the TBX. “We’re excited”, says Tandem BASE co-founder Abbie Mashaal, “Stane has been designing and manufacturing parachutes for 19 years and is an active jumper himself”.

The purpose-built TBX TandemBASE parachute is the perfect complementary component to the Huck-It! Duo harness/container system built in house at Tandem BASE’s rigging facilities located in Jerome, Idaho.

Atair Canopies was founded in 1992 by Stane Kranjc together with his wife Magdalena. The long and productive design and manufacturing career of Stane Krajnc began with hang-gliders in the early 70’s, paragliders in the late 80’s, and currently high performance skydiving and BASE canopies from the 90’s up until the present day. Stane himself is also an expert BASE jumper, paraglider and hang glider pilot.

TandemBASE is the world’s first and only commercial BASE jumping operator to offer TandemBASE jumps. The first Tandem BASE-Jump occurred in 1984 from the New River Gorge Bridge in West Virginia.  Since that jump Tandem BASE-Jumps have been made around the world from various objects, proving the viability. In 2009 Kissner and Mashaal began discussing and prototyping the equipment necessary to perform BASE Jumps using the Tandem instructional method. The result is the first purpose built TandemBASE Jumping equipment.

Most TandemBASE Jumps are made from the Perrine Bridge that connects Twin Falls and Jerome Counties, Idaho. The Perrine Bridge is 486 feet tall and is known worldwide as the premier destination for BASE Jumpers.
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