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Tandem BASE is proud to announce Go Fast Sports & Beverage Company as it’s primary advertiser. “It’s a great fit.”, says Tandem BASE co-founder Mark Kissner, “Go Fast has always supported BASE and the active lifestyle philosophy”. From Go Fast Jet Pack flights all over the world, to B.A.S.E. jumping events, to auto racing, to breathtaking stunts like the human slingshot, Go Fast supports the people and the athletes that live life on the edge. At TandemBASE, the edge is just the beginning!

TandemBASE proprietary equipment, including the TBX TandemBASE Parachute and Huck-It Duo Harness/Container System, will feature the Go Fast Sports colors and logo. Additionally, TandemBASE instructors will have Go Fast apparel, and the exit platform, wind indicators, and tents will display the Go Fast logo. Naturally, Go Fast Energy Drink will be available before and after jumping activities.

Go Fast formed in 1996 to support the lifestyle of sports enthusiasts. Go Fast produced t-shirts and accessories for extreme athletes – skydivers mostly – and quickly grew to become The Athlete’s Energy Brand. In 2006, Go Fast Energy Drink was awarded the Gold Medal Taste Award by the American Academy of Taste, crushing all other energy drinks on the market. Go Fast lives up to it’s billing as “The Athlete’s Energy Drink” by offering healthier, smoother, and better-tasting energy drinks than anyone else on the market.

TandemBASE is the world’s first and only commercial BASE jumping operator to offer TandemBASE jumps. The first Tandem BASE-Jump occurred in 1984 from the New River Gorge Bridge in West Virginia. ┬áSince that jump Tandem BASE-Jumps have been made around the world from various objects, proving the viability. In 2009 Kissner and Mashaal began discussing and prototyping the equipment necessary to perform BASE Jumps using the Tandem instructional method. The result is the first purpose built TandemBASE Jumping equipment.

TandemBASE Jumps are made from the Perrine Bridge that connects Twin Falls and Jerome Counties, Idaho. The Perrine Bridge is 486 feet tall and is known worldwide as the premier destination for BASE Jumpers.For more information visit www.GoFastSports.com or www.TandemBASE.com.

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  1. Team Sports says:

    The good thing about this Go Fast company is that it supports the people and the athletes that live life on the edge. This will inspire the athletes more and boost their determination to win in every competition.

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